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Good but

It’s very good but it’s difficult to build other than that really fun game

Please support more devices!

Please try to support more devices. Please

A lot of storage

If your gonna get fortnite you must have more than 5 gigs open or else your phone is fried

Great ?

I love the game fortnite but when you start the game and it’s loading it takes 1 or 2 hours. only Took 6 or 7 hours.

It’s okay

I know it’s a really fun game on xbox which I play it on but it says that it requires a 2gigabytes of space to run which I have a lot left and it won’t work


I love the game on Xbox, I have a 6 tho so I can’t play it on here please make it so 6’s can play

update for ipod touch 5 & 6

Can u plz update the game for ipod plz all of my friends have this game plzzz update That’s why i rate it for 1 star it does deserve 10/10 if u could make it working for ipod touch 5 & 6 Plzzz

Can’t get in game

The message it gives me says I need 2G’s but I have 22G’s and I’m on iPhone 6

I love this game but..

i love this game on xbox. i really want to play it on my ipad air 2 but it is too laggy. If there is any way you guys can make this less laggy I would be super happy.

Controls are bad...

The whole game was very well done except for the controls . Pls epic games fix the controls so that the joystick stays in one place!

Make it work with more devices!

Fortnite is one of my favourite games of all time. But, I’m using an iPod touch and it doesn’t work with it. I’m sure many other people think it should work with more things too. Pls

Best game

Play it


sometimes the game lags and my character stops moving then when it does i’m somewhere else. also there’s random vibrations whenever i’m jumping off the bus....

Oh man

I can’t play I wish it could work on all apple devices ?☹️????????????

iPhone 6

Can you please make it available for iPhone 6 somehow?

Fix this!

Please make the game work on 5s


I love the game

Sad about the devices it supports

I’m sure it’s a good game in all but it is upsetting that I can’t play the game just because I have a iPad mini 2 if possible could u make it so that my device can play?

Fortnite review

I wish it could be played on iPhone 6

Great job

They did a great job with making the controls fit on to an iPhone but I am playing on an 8 and half the time I play the game lags and crashes and every time I use crossplay with console and pc it crashes or is unplayable due to lag please fix this

  • send link to app